Kids Mindfulness (4-8 years)

Kids Mindfulness (4-8 years)

There is no age limit to getting stressed, it affects us all one way or another regardless of age. Children can often be resilient to feelings and emotions. Over the last two years especially due to Covid, children have gone through many changes and challenges - from being stuck at home to having no routines. A lot of children are finding it difficult to get back to normality. Their behaviour often tells us how they are feeling and it is not always visible to understand the reason behind it. A child can be shy, quiet and still be confident and often you will find a loud child will lack confidence in certain areas. When a child is happy you can notice the difference in their behaviour whether be at home, with friends or at school. Kids mindfulness is important to ensure they are living a happier, calm, meaningful and a stress free life.

My coaching sessions will encourage happiness and develop positive habits through words by focussing on the present moment and feelings to create a happy life. They will learn how to be kind, grateful, brave, appreciate and mindful. It will help them develop the ability to ignore distraction and focus more on the task they are doing. They will learn by having fun through activities, use of age appropriate words and theme books, stories, puzzles and short meditation. This will help your child to observe and identify their own thoughts and feelings. Working with children in a way that is inspiring, motivating and fun.

If you feel your child would benefit from my sessions please get in touch. 

These sessions are available on a 1-2-1 or in small groups online via zoom. I am also available for workshops in schools to help children interact, communicate better, self-control and manage emotions in a positive way.

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